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الثلاثاء، 1 سبتمبر 2009

Spare friend?

By 7:57 ص

I've got sick...

Have you ever been a spare friend?

yes a spare friend its like the spare tire it won't be needed till one of the originals go down or blow then you use it till you repair that one then you hide the spare cos you may need it again some other time.

Being a spare friend doesn’t feel like the tire cos it has no feeling about what happening and if it dose.

Then will prefer to rest and work part times

but humans?

I had this feeling when I was a spare for some.

Yes better than nothing spare helps and fill the space.

Other was the plan for them but when he changed his plan I came in and they all came as it’s the plan

You feel like you shouldn't accept it but you didn’t know it at first
You just got the lesson and knew who is who!

It’s strange how humans can think this way.

What would you do?

I didn’t keep it inside I told them and I did it my way.

tried to pretend but they couldn’t cos it was clear

It’s not a good feeling to feel like a spare friend and you are not needed till one of the friends is absent or busy and maybe away some where

It’s not a true friendship any way

Each one of us acts with his behavior and originality.

Spare friend. ? !

Don't you ever be!

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