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الثلاثاء، 11 أغسطس 2009


By 6:33 م

They have a way of living in this group of people and they maintained it no matter what

If you can you have to walk this way

if you cant you have to walk this way

What a way of understanding life?!!

Is there any thing that one should do exactly the way every one is doing it?

Why people chose the hard way to walk while they can walk it better and easy safe way?

Is it the brain?Is it the mind?Is it the need?

nop non of it all cos when you think about it nothing like thinking ,
using your brain
nothing needed about it
its just a tradition that benefits no one but harms some people

Things people do should make life easy
and things better
Not make their life harder and more complicated
Hell of traditions.

I have no need of such thingsI have enough.

I welcome what ever makes my life easier and better

Not to ads more weight on my shoulders

Life is too short to be lived for others

Too short to be wasted in unnecessary traditions and unneeded things

I like the traditions that shows the good sides of the humans

Traditions that set the standards of the high level for the human behavior

The right things the good things

Then as we speak, I'm nothing like traditional

I am traditional
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